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Posting an Advert

I do allow people to post advertisements here. If you wish to post an advertisement please see the rules below. If the advert that you wish to place at talkpodiobooks, does not meet the requirements below, I will delete it from the comm. You will not be warned and if you post it again after I have deleted it you will be banned from the comm. If you have questions about this, let me know: krazysidhe@gmail.com

Advert Requirements for Posting:
1. The advertisement must be for a podcast. If you want to post for another community, blog or website you will have to email me first and get my permission.
2. The podcast must be fiction related, I prefer post dealing with short stories, novels, or writing. That is the direction I'm creating this community to be geared towards. That being said, if you wish to post something 'other', email me.
3. The podcast must have at least one chapter out, that way we can all start listening right away. :)

Format for Posting an Advert:

Subject Line: avert/Title and Author

Type of Podcast:

Tags: Again with the tags please include; advert, authors last name, and type

Posting an Advert the Extended Version:

Subject Line: advert/Chicken Little Succeeds by Chicken Little

Title: Chicken Little Succeeds
Author: Chicken Little
Link: The Sky is Falling
Type of Podcast: adventure, childrens, shortstory
Teaser: This is a series of shortstory's performed for a younger audience about Chicken Little. Everyone knows about the little chicken who thought the sky was falling. Well here's a series of short stories that you haven't heard before.

Tags: little, advert, adventure, childrens, shortstory

If you would like to add more information then this you are welcome to. It is also suggested that you include an image if you have one. Please format the image to be a size that is easily downloaded. Images are often much more eye catching then simple text.

Please direct any questions or suggestions to my email (or post them below): krazysidhe@gmail.com

So thanks for your time and I hope you have a good day. *poofs out*
Tags: admin, advert, june, rules
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