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Posting a Review

Alright for seasoned posters, here's the rubric without all the explanations (and for easy cut and past purposes):

Subject Line: review/Title and Author

Over All Rating:
Audio Rating:
Narrative Rating:

LJ Cut: Then behind an LJ cut (In case of spoilers) please include your thoughts and opinion on the work. Let us know why you chose to give it the rating you do, good or bad. If you are not familiar with the coding for LJ Cut here it is. Please note you will have to include < >'s around the coding:

lj-cut text="What you want the LJ cut link to say"

The body of text or whatever is behind the LJ cut goes here.


If this doesn't make sense let me know and I'll do what I can to clarify.

Tags: In the tags section on the post please put; author's last name, categories, if this is a book you recommend other people check please include the word recommended in the tags as well.

Alright if you didn't understand the brief rubric above, here's the extended version. The one with all the little explanations and the example.

Subject Line: review/Chicken Little Succeeds by Chicken Little

Title: Chicken Little Succeeds (Please link title to blog or a website where the work can be seen or subscribed to).
Author: Chicken Little
Link: You can include a raw URL here or link it through the title, it's up to you.
Categories: Fiction, short story (or fantasy, scifi, literature, romance, etc.)
Over All Rating: 3 out of 5 (For simplicity sake, use a 1 to 5 rating. 1 being this is really bad, 2 only a little bad, 3 this had the potential to be good, 4 good job, 5 this was really good and everyone should check it out.)
Audio Rating: What did you think of the story quality, and how it was narrated or read. Again just go with a 1 to 5 rating.
Narrative Rating: Again just go with a 1 to 5 rating. What did you think of the store over all, plot characters, all thoughts on how it was read/performed aside.
Un/Finished: Finished (Is this a podcast novel that has been complete or is it one that is still a work in progress).
Teaser: The world is a great big scary place to be when you're just a little chicken. However, even little chickens can do great things. What will Chicken little do when he realizes that the sky is falling? (Please include here a summary or teaser about the book. If you copy this from a website or somewhere else, please link it back there. An image of the cover of the book can be included in your post if you do that again please link back to wherever you got the image from).

So once again if you have any comments or questions, please voice them. You can post a response to this post or you can email me privately at: krazysidhe@gmail.com

Thanks for your time. *poofs out*
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