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review/Blood Witness by David Hitt

Title: Blood Witness
Author: David Hitt
Narrator: David Hitt
Categories: Dark Fantasy, Horror, Drama,
Over All Rating: Good
Audio Rating: Good
Narrative Rating: Good
Un/Finished: Finished
Teaser: Catherine is a 1500 year old vampire. (She’s really 1800 but she lies about her age.) Chris is a high school senior. She is a blood sucking creature of the night. He is a Jehovah’s Witness. Together they uncover a danger that threatens the existence of every vampire, and the only solution is to break the One Law that binds them all.

Well according to the website and other places this is finished; however, I still haven't gotten all the episodes on I-Tunes for some reason. So I'm still rather curious about how events are going to unfold in this world.

The two story lines are interesting though I feel that the point where they intersect is drawn out a bit too far. The area where they will come together is rather obvious, the listener begins to feel like maybe they aren't connected by the point that Cathrine and Chris's stories finally come together.

Either way, this is a story about people immortal or not and fitting into the world that you live in. How do we choose to do this and the choices that we must make and the consequences of them. At least thus far, I'm sure there is more to the story.

I'm enjoying it, I love the visual of the vampires victims bodies disappearing with the sunrise leaving behind nothing but piles of ash. :)
Tags: darkfantasy, drama, fantasy, hitt, horror, review
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