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review/Toothless by

Author: J. P. Moore
Narrator: J. P. Moore
Link: DeviantArt
Categories: horror, action, adventure, historical, fantasy
Over All Rating: Good
Audio Rating: Good
Narrative Rating: Good
Un/Finished: Finished
Teaser: France, 1180 AD: an ancient evil is on the march. The Black Yew leads an army of demons through Europe, laying waste with a devastating plague and destroying the relics of Christendom. After losing his wife and daughter, a failed Templar rejoins his comrades in the crusade against the Yew's army. But the dice are cast against the living, and the Black Yew's demons slay him, impressing his reanimated corpse into their ranks. He is gifted. He shows great promise as a servant to the Yew. But life is not yet done with him.

Alright so I actually listened to this a while ago but life's been crazy so now I'm trying to catch up. When I read the tease for this and first started listening to it, I wasn't sure what to think. However, I enjoyed these podionovel quiet a bit in the end. Granted I don't actually read a lot of zombie novels, but for the concept was quiet different and I liked that a lot. The skewed historical factor was fun, and I love the idea of a zombie Templar it's just a wonderful juxtaposition. :)

The way that the narrative went as bit's and pieces of the past story and the entwining branches of the work progressed was well done. It was also well read over all. So go pick it up and follow the journey that Toothless takes through this zombie filled alternate reality.
Tags: action, adventure, fantasy, historical, horror, moore, review
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