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Children of Rhatlan by Jonathan Fesmire

Title: Children of Rhatlan
Author: Jonathan Fesmire
Narrator: Jonathan Fesmire
Link: Book Form
Categories: scifi, adventure, drama, romance
Over All Rating: 4
Audio Rating: 4
Narrative Rating: 3.5
Un/Finished: Finsihed
Teaser: Garum and Vayin are “duals,” twins trapped in each other’s minds and bodies, sharing one life. When a deranged wizard hunts them, whom can they turn to? Their mentor? The city guard Vayin loves? The Wizards’ Guild? In a world that hates duals, anyone could be their enemy, and one misstep could get them killed.

Alright well after the last review I was going though the various things I've down loaded trying to decide what to listen to next. So anyway, I decided to go with this one. I was pleasantly surprised to some extent. Children of Rhatlan, was much less convoluted then Tamish's Imp and as such made for a better book. In listening to another audiobook from Fesmire I also came to a few conclusions as to why certain things bugged me in the previous novel of his I tried.

Fesmire has a wonderful imagination there is a lot in these and a lot of places the book could go. However, the dialogue really needs to be stream lined before I will consider them great. The characters have a wonderful annoying habit--still--of stating the obvious or restating things that have already been said in the narrative. For the most part anyone reading or listening isn't stupid and really doesn't need to have things re-iterated for them like that. Though in truth I mostly feel that, stream lining dialogue is a skill that comes with time, mostly.

The only other big issue I had with this has to do with the the reading of the narrative. For the most part Fesmire does a good job with this. However, I realized one of the reasons that this book and the other one had a slightly choppy feel to them, is because Fesmire read's too fast in places. There isn't enough pause between scenes to allow the listener to adjust he tends to just keep going at the same pace. I think a strategic pause between scenes would help the listener have a chance to adjust before being thrown into the next bit.

Anyway so, yeah. That's it from me for now. Have a good day all.
Tags: adventure, drama, fantasy, fesmire, review, romance, scifi
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