October 5th, 2009


review/Taken Liberty - A Tale from the Arbiter Chronicles by Steven H. Wilson

Title: Taken Liberty - A Tale from the Arbiter Chronicles
Author: Steven H. Wilson
Narrator: Steven H. Wilson
Link: In Print
Categories: Scifi, drama, adventure, romance
Over All Rating: 4
Audio Rating: 5
Narrative Rating: 4.5
Un/Finished: Audio unfinished
Teaser: AER'LA ONLY WANTED TO BE FREE The Confederated Worlds are unparalleled as a society of free people, yet, somehow, slavery still manages to exist. Aer'La, a non-human, was bred to serve as a pleasure slave. Years ago, she escaped her masters and masqueraded as a human, joining the Confederate Navy, where she worked her way up to ship's Bos'n under the heroic Captain Jan Atal. Now, Aer'La's secret has been discovered by Atal's superiors, the media, and the world at large. Branded a sociopath, she learns that even a free society isn't willing to grant freedom - or justice - to all.

A Bit From Me:Taken Liberty is a story about friendship and doing what's right, about the connections between people and society. The book starts out with the tale of Aer'la, and where she came from. A sad emotional story of slavery, sex and degradation. However, Aer'la escaped to freedom she found friends and a place away from all that. As the story progresses the obvious happens Aer'la is found out and Taken liberty progresses down the path of what happens from there.

The story is well written and well read, though it relies too heavily on cliches of people and science fiction. Characters stereotypes abound; from Aer'la's ample physicality, a race bred for sex, the heroic captain who is bound to do what he sees is right despite law and orders, the evil doctor who is both wrong and right, the telephath, the cocky young Terren and the beautiful but rough captains daughter, etc. However, it is the type of book where you rather expect that and the author does a good job of reading/narrating the book.

So if you're looking for some fun Scifi, adventure this is a good story to listen to. *poofs out*