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Banners and Linking
krazysidhe wrote in talkpodiobooks
Alright, still trying to get things together. Having issues with making the banner, which I shall not go into. Aside from lots of failed attempts and I still don't like the current answer. But for now it will work because I would like to get things going and photoshop currently hates me. So yeah. Banners for linking under the cut and a few little other things:

I'm trying to decide if I will simply create a link's, page post. Or do all the links on the side bar. I guess for now the side bar works. Though we'll have to see how many we get, I don't want to clutter things up too much.

So, if you have a site you would like to see linked, please let me know. It would be appreciated if you would link talkpodiobooks in return of course. DO NOT hot link these images but up load them yourself. And again, all images were created by me. (If anyone else would like to volunteer their skills, please do.)

Well anyway, it's something for now. I'm going to have to try and re do them again in the future. Because looking at them again I still really don't like any of them. See if I can't work it out on paper instead of doing it all on the computer. Alright I'm off to work, see if I can't get back to posting reviews, the actual reason for this community. Get there soon. :)