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review/Chasing the Bard by Phillipa Ballantine

Title: Chasing the Bard
Author: Phillipa Ballantine
Link: http://www.pjballantine.com/writing/chasing-the-bard/
Categories: Fiction, Fantasy, Novel, Romance, Adventure
Warnings: Contains Adult, themes and issues
Over All Rating: 5 of 5
Audio Rating: 4.75 of 5
Narrative Rating: 5 of 5
Un/Finished: Finished
Teaser: He is born into the human world with a gift; a gift that brings him to the attention of powers both dark and light from the World of the Fey. Sive, the goddess of battle, hopes that he may be able to change the fate of her people.

The Fey are dying, killed by something beyond the boundaries of worlds, and Sive will do anything to save them. So she enlists the help of her trickster cousin Puck to guard the child, and watch him grow into his gift. But a dark power imprisoned by human and Fey, plots to destroy both worlds, and unmake all that they have created.

Can one boy stop the destruction, even if he is William Shakespeare?

So being a bit of a newbie to this whole postcast thing, the fist few bits and pieces that I picked out to listen to are finished. I wanted to get an idea for what the whole thing was about. I found some things that I thoroughly enjoyed and I found a few that I didn't get through more then ten minutes of. As you can tell this is one of the ones that I had fun listening to.

The story as a whole was innovative, interesting and well plotted out from beginning to end. The characters were not card board cut outs but had life to them, that made them come alive in your mind in the best of ways--one might almost say magically. Over all the story had its jump up and down happy moments and it's moments were I rather wanted to throw my Ipod across the room and scream. Luckily I resisted that urge.

I think that part of the reason this presentation really came alive to me, was the voices. The people who got together to do the voice cast for this novel were fantastic and it was a lot of fun to listen to them. Sometimes the way people do voices or try and read things gets rather annoying to me. For example I find male narrators trying to do really bad female voices just not worth the effort. There wasn't anything in this narration that threw me out of the story, which was great.

So, I am running out of time but I wanted to get things kicked off. There you have it. :)
Tags: adult, adventure, ballantine, fantasy, fiction, june, novel, review, romance
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